Oil analysis

Oil analysis is a quick, nondestructive way to gauge the health of an engine by looking at what’s in the oil. Oil is the lifeblood of equipment and oil analysis provides answers to machinery health. It is as like as medical blood test, where we can know about our diseases from our blood. It is an integral part of the maintenance plan for power plants, manufacturing plants, trucking companies, construction equipment, aircraft, refrigeration systems, processing, chemical plants and etc.

Q&T Industrial & Inspection Company Use Fluid scan for Oil Analysis
The FluidScan® 1000 series handheld Infrared oil analyzer provides direct quantitative measurement of a lubricant’s condition and plays an important role in Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM) for proactive and predictive maintenance in Reliability Management programs. It determines when oil needs to be serviced due to degradation of the oil chemistry or contamination by other fluids such as water or the wrong oil. It is compliant with ASTM D7889 “Standard Test Method for Field Determination of In-Service Fluid Properties Using IR Spectroscopy”.
Properties measured by Fluid Scan:
1. Total Acid Number (mg KOH/g)
2. Total Base Number (mg KOH/g)
3. Oxidation (Abs/0.1 mm)
4. Nitration (Abs/cm)
5. Sulfation (Abs/0.1 mm)
6. Water, ppm (PPM)
7. Glycol (%)
8. Soot (%)
9. Antioxidant (% depletion)
10. Anti-wear (%)
11. Viscosity