We are supplying PERTAMINA Lubricants in Bangladesh automobile and industrial market.
PERTAMINA is a National Oil & Gas Company in Indonesia.
We have the following lubricants products:

1. Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO)
2 Passenger Car Diesel Oils
3. Heavy Duty Diesel Oils
4. Powershift Transmission & Hydraulic Oil For Heavy Equipment Manual Transmission
5. Automatic Transmission Oils & Manual Transmission Oils PERTAMINA ATF
6. Air Cooled Motorcycle/Small Engine Oil
7. Water Cooled Small Engine Oil
8. Industrial Turbine Oils
9. Industrial Gear Oils
10. Industrial Hydraulic Oils
11. Industrial & Marine Engine Oil
12. Natural Gas Engine Oils
13. Industrial Compressor Oils

14. Refrigerating Oils
15. Circulating, Bearing & Steam Cylinder Oils
16. Heat Transfer Oils
17. Specialty Products
19. BASE Oil

Original Website – http://www.pertaminalubricants.com/