Ultrasound is used by ultrasonic products to measure the thickness and to find the defect (Crack/Flaws) in a metal. For Ultrasonic Thickness measurement and Ultrasonic Crack/Flaw detection we have several types of equipment.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gages

1. Ultrasonic Thickness Gage (With Coating Thickness Measurement Option)
2. Ultrasonic Corrosion Thickness Gage
3. Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gage
4. Ultrasonic Bond Tester
5. Pet Bottle Thickness Gage
6. Thickness Gage Transducer/Probes and Accessories

Ultrasonic Flaw/Crack Detector

1. Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
2. Advanced Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with Phased Array Technology
3. Automated Ultrasonic Phased Array Pipeline Girth Welds Inspection System
4. Advanced Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Scanner
5. Ultrasonic Cobra Scanner
6. Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Transducer/Probes, Cal. Block and Accessories